16 May 2024
Have you thought of spending a week without the internet?

That initial "WHAT?" is totally understandable. The internet has become so woven into the fabric of our lives that a week offline can feel like a digital detox bootcamp. We rely on it for news, connecting with friends and family, entertainment, even researching recipes for dinner. But what if, instead of seeing it as a […]

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8 May 2024
LibreOffice Becomes My Go-To

After graduating from my upskilling course, I lost access to the familiar Microsoft Office 365 suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) that I'd been relying on for both school and personal projects. Looking for a free alternative, I turned to LibreOffice. While it's been a smooth transition for basic tasks, there have been some adjustments. For example, […]

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6 May 2024
From Mint to Mac

For two glorious years, Linux Mint was my web development haven. It was the perfect storm of simplicity, speed, and a workflow that felt like an extension of myself. Then, like a plot twist straight out of a horror movie, my system crashed during my most pressure-packed week ever. As a full-stack developer with over […]

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5 May 2024
Back in the Apple Ecosystem: Fitbit to iWatch

After years with a Fitbit, I'm making the switch back to the Apple Watch. The Fitbit's incredible battery life was a major perk (no nightly charging!), but ultimately, the Apple ecosystem reeled me back in. I'm a die-hard Apple user. My iPhone has always been an iPhone, and while I flirted with the idea of […]

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2 May 2024
Intel Arc Graphics: A Promising Start Overshadowed by Fan Noise

Intel Arc Graphics: A Promising Start Overshadowed by Fan Noise For years, I've relied on various laptops for my needs. Recently, I upgraded to an Intel NUC with the Arc A730M GPU. While I've heard concerns about noise levels, I can confirm they're well-founded. The fan noise can be quite disruptive. Honestly, the noise almost […]

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1 May 2024
The 2024 Antivirus Odyssey: Finding the Perfect Fit

Ugh, finding a good antivirus these days is like finding a decent pair of jeans - gotta try on a bunch before you find the right fit! For months I was stuck with slow, clunky options. ESET was my old reliable, but Kaspersky kept freaking out over text files, and Bitdefender, while awesome, chugged on […]

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29 April 2024
Unveiling the Potential: From Standard Home to Smart Home in Australia

Our new Australian home, though perfectly functional, lacks the intelligent touches that could truly elevate our experience. Living in a country with such vibrant seasonal shifts, we crave a living space that adapts seamlessly. Winter mornings often become a battle against the cold, demanding a quick and convenient way to adjust the heating. Conversely, scorching […]

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