Have you thought of spending a week without the internet?

16 May 2024
Image from https://www.pexels.com

That initial "WHAT?" is totally understandable. The internet has become so woven into the fabric of our lives that a week offline can feel like a digital detox bootcamp. We rely on it for news, connecting with friends and family, entertainment, even researching recipes for dinner. But what if, instead of seeing it as a punishment, we viewed a week without internet as an experiment, a chance to rediscover the world (and ourselves) beyond the glow of a screen?

It could be an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones in a more present way, to finally tackle that neglected stack of books, or to explore hobbies we've been neglecting. Imagine the possibilities: long walks in nature, board game nights with friends, or even diving into a creative project we've been putting off. Sure, there might be moments of withdrawal, the urge to check our social media feeds or stream that new show everyone's talking about. But who knows, we might just surprise ourselves with what we discover in the internet-free void.

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